The healing journey

Hello and welcome,

My name is Janet Legere and I am ready to venture out and share the rest of the story.

My story is a common one … I am a survivor of childhood physical and sexual abuse.

Today, I am more than a survivor … I am ALIVE with joy and know that the person I am today is who I really am.

I know that anyone who decides to venture onto the healing journey will struggle and be challenged.  I want you to know it is worth all the aches and pains you will remember, and relive.

The freedom of healing is a destination worth reaching.

To reach your freedom of healing, you need to simply decide to venture into it.

My original stories and poems are listed on the main site at

The book by the same name ‘The Courage To Heal’ was a HUGE influence in my healing process.  I felt comfort in the stories and learned strategies to help me move through my journey to the freedom of healing.

I am about to enter a new journey as I revisit these stories and begin writing my book.

I hope you will feel comfortable to post your comments here.  Please note:  If you wish your comments to remain private, simple let me know in your comment post and I will not publish them.

More than anything, I want this site to help someone find the strength to venture on your own journey of healing.

May you find the strength you need for your journey.

Have a great day,

Janet Legere

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