The Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend

by Janet Cunningham Legere

It took a long time for the title to appear. Like many things in life, some things take a bit longer to appear.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything, we miss what is right in front of us. When we are ready for what we need, it will appear.

“The Perfect Blend” is the perfect choice for my story. It took a long time to create this ‘perfect blend’ and i am so glad to finally be “The Perfect Blend”.

I want to thank everyone I met along the way. Good or bad, you all influenced me and our connection played a part in who I am today.

When asked, “If you could change anything about your past, what would it be?”, my answer is always the same – I would change nothing.

I am learning to experience life around me and more importantly, I am learning to master the art of creation.

“The Perfect Blend” is MY STORY. The story of my life as seen through my own eyes. If you were a part of my life in any way, your experience with me may be totally different from my experience with you. What you read in these pages may or may not reflect what you remember.

This story is my personal experience – thank you for sharing a part in it.

I dedicate this book to my Mom, who somehow passed on her strength to me.

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